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Knowledge is a factor of production, just like physical resources (land), human resources (labour) and financial resources (capital). Nobody has all the factors in one place - and we have to use the factors within our reach to make up for those we do not have. In this age, knowledge resources are easier to get compared to the other factors - but we need special tools to take advantage of this. We are a technology company on a mission to enable our customers to leverage knowledge in improving their outcomes. We build tools and offer services for collecting data, analyzing it, sharing and visualizing information to make it readily usable as a resource. In our part of the world, computing implies mobile computing - so we place special emphasis on mobile, mapping and monitoring solutions.

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pesaDroid is on a mission to create the best mobile money experience. It is in use by thousands of people in East Africa


MobGIS the collection of field data using Android smartphones and visualization of maps on web pages alongside other web based GIS functions


We are on a mission to build a digital platform for the livestock of East Africa and to enable livestock stakeholders to access or provide enhanced services through our platform. We promote the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags for the identification of livestock


We offer our mapping expertise including geodetic control, cadastral, topographic and engineering surveys as well as cartographic representation. We also market precision Tallysman GNSS antennas and proffessional grade GNSS equipment.

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pesaDroid is always looking for great talent. We like people that are fired up to make things much better, and will work hard to create an environment that enables them to do so. We like people who love their work, and like serving other people. We are always seeking diversity in our team - and delight in bringing out the potential of every members of our team. If you would like to work with us, please reach out to us using talent [at]

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